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`dephase_chrom` shifts the retention time in the second dimension of the two-dimensional chromatogram. This procedure is usually applied in cases when part of peaks is splited in at the final and beginning of the second dimension. Also, the solvent effect and column bleeding can be removing by dephasing the chromatogram. The dephasing procedure is performing by splitting the chromagram with the relative value provided.


dephase_chrom(Object, rel_dephase)

# S4 method for GCxGC
dephase_chrom(Object, rel_dephase)



a GCxGC class object


a numeric value from 0 to 100 with the relative dephasing position.


# \donttest{ 
 GB08_fl <- system.file("extdata", "08GB.cdf", package = "RGCxGC")
 GB08 <- read_chrom(GB08_fl, 5L)
#> Warning: The last 51 signals will be omitted
#> Warning: data length [61051] is not a sub-multiple or multiple of the number of rows [500]
#> Retention time ranges:
#> 1D (min): 7.98 18.16 
#> 2D (sec): 0 5 
#> Acquisition rate: 100 
 plot(GB08, nlevels = 150, color.palette =,
      main = "No dephased chromatogram")

 GB08_d25 <- dephase_chrom(GB08, 25)
 plot(GB08_d25, nlevels = 150, color.palette =,
      main = "25% dephased chromatogram")

 # }