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This object contains six chromatograms of the microbial metabolic kinetics. Myrothecium sp. were cultured in CMA. Inoculation was made from Petri dishes with the fully-grown fungal cells and sterile distilled water (to wash the surface of the plate). The plate was scraped with a sterile glass handle to obtain the spore suspension. The suspension was liquated and the concentration of 2.4 x 105 spores/mL was determined using a Neubauer chamber and an optical microscope. Then, 50 uL of the suspension was inoculated in a flow chamber into the tubes containing the culture medium. Tubes were kept at 25 celsius degree in a growth chamber with 12h of photoperiod.

A solid-phase microextraction (SPME) assay containing a DVB / CAR / PDMS (Divinylbenzene / Carboxene / Polymethylsiloxane 50/30 mm) fiber was placed into the tube headspace.

A set of columns consisting of HP-5MS 30m x 0.25mm x 0.25 um connected to a Supelcowax 1m x 0.10mm × 0.10um with a 1m x 0.25mm deactivated silica capillary being allocated between them. In these tests, a modulation period of 5s was used.

For GCxGC-QMS data acquisition, GCMSsolution version 5.3 software was used. The temperature program were 60-165 celcius at 3 celcius/min; 165 celcius - 260celcius at 20 celcius/min; 260 celcius (5 min); flow rate was 0.6 mL/min (Helium 5.0 carrier gas); splitless injection mode, ion source temperature 200 celcius, interface temperature 260 celcius; voltage 0,9 kV; mass range 50-380 m/z; acquisition rate 25Hz and electron ionization (70eV).

The original study was developed by Quiroz-Moreno et al. (2020) .




A joined_chrom object containing four slots:


A named list with the two-dimensional chromatograms


The metadata containing two varaibles and six observations


The retantion time range of the chromatographic run


The modulation time


Quiroz-Moreno C, Furlan MF, Belinato JR, Augusto F, Alexandrino GL, Mogollón NGS (2020). “RGCxGC toolbox: An R-package for data processing in comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography-mass spectrometry.” Microchemical Journal, 156, 104830.